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What is KiM Foundation?

The KiM Fundation has the status of a public benefit organization. Its mission is a promotion of various forms of  sea and river kayaking. Our activities are funded with donations, various grants from municipal and public sources.

Who are the KiM people?

We are really a very mixed group of kayakers – from about 20 to over 70 years of age, some of us have been kayaking competitively in the past, some are kayak instructors and some are just recreational kayakers. Some of us like white water or logjam kayaking, some like rivers or lakes, some go out farther and farther onto the sea, and some like all of these. A few of us compete in kayak marathons, a few have done some long distance sea trips. Every year during our flagship event – a two day Vistula river trip – new members are admitted. They mostly come from our winter kayak school, but the only condition of membership is that a candidate must make the 150 km river trip.

What are KiM activities?

The main aim of the KiM Foundation is to promote kayaking as a recreational sport. To this end we:

  • Organize kayak trips for members and non-members. These can be a couple hours long, or last a few days. Normally we paddle in rivers around Warsaw. These include large rivers like Vistula, Narew and Bug, or smaller ones. We paddle all year long, unless rivers freeze that is.
  • Organize “logjam” kayaking trips. For “logjam” kayaking fans, the more obstacles such as logs a river has, the better. The “classical style” of paddling a logjam river means never leaving a kayak when crossing an obstacle – even if that means “walking” wearing a kayak on dry land for many meters! This is normally done in whitewater kayaks.
  • Organize kayak schools. Typically in winter these are in the form of pool lessons, open to all. When the weather gets milder, we organize kayak trips in rivers around Warsaw. For some of these activities we have obtained grants from local governments.
  • Organize kayak workshops. We have organized Greenland Kayak Building workshops and Wooden Canoe Building workshops.
  • Organize theme trips. Recently we organized several trips under the “Teepee” theme – they lasted several days and participants carried all their supplies, including teepees, in hand-made wooden canoes. Another theme trips are winter trips – sometimes these can deliver an almost-polar experience when we paddle very cold waters and camp in snow at -18C.
  • Organize longer trips, typically during vacations. Our members have paddled the fjords of Norway, waters of Baltic Sea, Black Sea and Adriatic.
  • Provide input to local and national governments in all matters which may affect recreational water use, in particular kayaking. This includes voicing needs of kayaking community in matters such as riverbank development, port facilities, etc.
Who are KiM Foundation activities addressed to?

We work with children, teenagers and adults without any age limit. Our activities are non-profit and addressed to local communities. Some of our events are funded by local governments and in that case citizens of a funding locality have preference and usually all fees are waived for them.

How to learn more about KiM Foundation activities?

You can visit our webpage www.fundacjakim.pl, where you can look at our trip reports under “Wyprawy i inne” – descriptions are in Polish, but they contain lots of pictures, and “a picture is worth a thousand words”….

You can also send us an e-mail, in English, to info@fundacjakim.pl

Especially if you are in Warsaw and want to do some paddling – drop us a line. Usually every weekend we organize some trip.